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Muhammad Ali

Sometime back I was reading a story about Muhammad Ali in his book

“the soul of a butterfly.” In the story he shared that when he was a child

someone stole his bike and he was very upset and wanted revenge. The

part of the story that really picked my interest was that when he went to

report it at the police station he met a police officer Joe Martin who use to

teach young boys to box in his spare time. Wow, imagine that and the rest is history…This really got me thinking, I believe that most of us say that everything happens for a reason but do we really believe it when it comes to us. Could it be possible that our life’s purpose is shaped by good and bad? As I look back on the last two years of my life I see that I have let go of more than I can stand at times. On the other hand a large part of me sees that I have made room and attracted a bigger, brighter and better purpose.

Muhammad Ali 4

Even though this is a hard pill to swallow I am thankful for the bad situations that have shaped me into who I am today. Trust me I have wanted revenge and have been real bitter even recently with lots of life challenges. Maybe Ali didn’t need to have his bike stolen to start boxing or maybe having revenge was the push that he needed to stay with it. Think about it: what is something someone has stolen from you that turned out good? Are there any situations that you missed the message? Take a breath and let go of any thoughts of revenge that no longer serve you. Are you willing to consider thank and forgive people that have stolen from your lively hood? Don’t do it for them do it for yourself…Release and let go to attract your new purpose 🙂

Muhammad Ali 2Muhammad Ali 3

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