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#StarbuckStartups You just got served the truth by Jedi Steve 0

‪Yesterday one of my friends called and asked me if

I would deliver a summons to his wives ex husband. Initially I started

to say no because it was at his house and I knew he was a cop. And before

I had a chance to say no I said “Holy shit I’ll do it that sounds like a totally

stupid idea and a chance of a lifetime. Last night I went to the cops home

and he wasn’t there. So the plan was to follow up the tonight Sunday Night

around 6pm and I had all day to think about it I even came up with a cool

character. I even made the joke with some of you that I would probably fuck

this up and get shot because I try to pull my fears out of my pants and set

them on the table. Candyman

The character I came up with was one of those dudes that

sell candy door to door to avoid gangs and for some reason he didn’t want to

buy my fabulous candy. I was totally confident this would work and so we had

to come up with an idea and it was the truth.

My friend said just say “I have papers to serve you right now or I can serve you at work tomorrow.” He opened the door because he knew I had him by the balls, and while I was walking

off he squeaked out a “you should of done that the first time.” I turned around

and said “Your right with a big as smile.”

you've been served

What did I learn?

I am thankful for this experience because I was able to push past another fear and was reminded that honest truth is always the best. 


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