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#StarbuckStartups Why the SECRET is still a SECRET by Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve 0

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The SECRET is still a SECRET by Stephen T. Jones

9 years ago I saw the movie “The Secret” and it changed my life for the better.

Since than and mainly in the last 5 years I noticed that people get the concept

but they rarely apply it to their lives. Don’t worry it is not your fault I blame the

self-help industry me included. For years I and other self-helpers said that the

best way to learn something is to teach it, I do believe that this is part of it but

there is more. I believe that the best way to learn something is to experience it

and use it and than organically evolve it overtime. Let’s remember it is the law

of attraction not the rule of attraction. Even if we don’t agree with certain laws

we all know that fundamental and organic laws are here to protect us. Rules are

created from our beliefs, which ultimately cause conflict because we expect everyone

around us to live by these rules. In order to really bring this to the surface I am gonna

share multiple examples of how this works in the real world.

The Law of Attraction in the real world

  1. Let talk business contracts because most business contracts are set with the intention that something bad will happen. This can actually causes things to ultimately happen because during the negotiation process this opens more and more possibilities of all the bad that can happen. On the other hand you have people that go into business with just talking about the good, which can also be very destructive because all bad would be unexpected. This is what we do when going into a contract we put everything on the table and to see how we will handle adversity.  Than we can create a system with all the players for resolving unexpected conflict and we always leave an out just in case one or more parties are unhappy. Terrible Twos 4
  2. This is how it works and to really get this it is best if you stop to experience it. Go ahead and think of something beautiful and really start to connect with how it makes you feel. Than in a moment think of a person or situation that really makes you mad.  Right now you based on what you are feeling you are creating beauty or stress. If you are on the vibration of stress you will run into stress people, stressful food and stressful experiences. If you are on the vibration of inner beauty you will connect with beautiful situations, beautiful experiences and feel worthy of receiving it all. The trick is do not be afraid of either because you evolve your path all roads lead to good. Flowers flowers 2
  3. This also works in sport I used this for baseball and it really made me a better baseball player. Just to let you know a little about me, I have an issue with authority and this caused a lot of conflict over the years between the umpires and me. During a coaching session one of my mentors and friends Jerome Gross told me about view the game as a perfectly umpired game. Immediately I resisted this idea but I told him I would give it a try and the results were amazing. What this did was instead of monitoring what the umpires were doing it gave me a space to concentration on my performance. If I got a bad pitch instead of arguing (which makes the strike zone bigger) I was able to accept and regroup knowing that it was a perfect call. The weird thing is I started to get a better strike zone immediately because I was able to break the cycle of constant struggle between the umpires and myself.
  4. Okay this one cost me a lot of time, money and pain to develop and I am giving it to you to experience. Ultimately you want to experience everything that you need to experience Good or Bad. I can remember a time in my life that I didn’t want to be around anything that was toxic and it totally controlled everything I did. The problem with this strategy is that I need to also connect with toxic environments to be able to let go of that part of me that now longer serves me. We also need good experience large and small accomplishments so they are second nature and we can develop an emotional database to draw from. To see who we truly are we need to connect with the darkness and the light and the more I evolve I see beauty in both. HERE IS THE BOTTOM LINE set intentions that give you the freedom to experience everything that you need to experience to create the life that you want to create. Example affirmation, let say you are going to the beach “Today I want to experience everything that I need to experience good or bad to live the life that I want to live.” is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields. info19 Law of Attraction


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