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#StarbuckStartups Wealth Program Jedi Funding Series “Hunger Games Catch a fire” #Starbucks by Jedi Steve 0

#StarbuckStartups Wealth Program Jedi Funding Series “Hunger Games” #Starbucks by Jedi Steve

Hunger Games

Some time back I saw the movie The Hunger Games and it really got me

thinking about the relationship most of us have or don’t have with money.

In the first movie of the Hunger Games Movie series there is an annual

event in which one boy and one girl aged 12–18 from each of the twelve

districts surrounding the Capitol are selected by lottery to compete in a

televised battle to the death. Here is the catch each time these boys and girls

asked for more food the food given to you by your government district your

name was put into the lottery one an additional time.

What does this mean to your Business Model?

I got this immediately because for years as I was launching my Startup I trained myself to eat one to 5 times a day and stay away from people, resources and invisible contracts (aka Spiritual Contract).  This experience helped me notice how we can be ruled by blind faith and people can make us do thing in the moment because our additions to Fame, Food and Money. This is why I believe the quote the “The love of money is the root of all evil” always miss quoted as “Money is the root of all evil” by pretty much everybody. If you are like me this might be hard to admit but it is important to engage this thought, to see if we are victim of the hunger games.

money 5

Why do people do this to us?

They feel entitled because they gave us just like most of use feel entitled when we give someone something real or imagined. Secret is to limit being on either side of this. Build something of value that people come to because they want too and the food is just a bonus.

How do we guard against this?

  • Be aware why you are doing things and don’t feel you owe people something because they gave you something free. These entitlements can be very costly…
  • Challenging yourself to acknowledge when you are doing this and try mostly to make decisions based on long term sustainability instead of the impulse of the moment.
  • Don’t feel you owe people something because you got a free pen and weekend vacation…follow the money. This reminds me of when Kramer from Seinfeld was suing Starbucks and he took their first offer without listening to the full offer. 

In your own way ask yourself, Do I see how the hunger games is effecting your Business Model?

What Positive offers or talents do I get to bring to market that I have been hiding?

And What is the next logical step?

And when would now be a good time to take action on this?

Hunger Games Catch a fire


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