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#StarbuckStartups “Tuesdays with morrie.” by Jedi Steve 0

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Last night I had a conversation with a meth addict Morrie and it was the best conversation that I have had in awhile. In a moment I will share with you what I learned…

me in the mirror

In this Tuesday conversation with Morrie he told me that he was gonna kill a guy with a knife he made out of a mirror. In his opinion this guy had wronged him and he felt this guy deserved what was coming to him. I explained to him like the image above that this guy was a reminder that he had wronged people too and the knife made out of the mirror was a reminder that when we hurt others we also hurt the man in the mirror. Whether it is guilt or Jail we pay for our wrongs all day all night.

What’s the solution?

Hitler 3

Observe the picture of all the faces in this picture of Hitler and the crew…

That express is what I call Harvard Swagger and it covers up fear 

and blocks your emotional intelligence of intuition… Most of our leader including you have or are trying to get that Harvard Swag….As I was sharing this as a guess speaker at San Diego State University and informed them that this face is a stoke in 20 years…. 

Pause Pause Pause LET GO NOW BECAUSE Hitler will hate this 🙂

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