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#StarbuckStartups “The truth that the Harvard Swagger is feeding on your soul.” by Jedi Steve 0

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One of my frustrations with the Harvard Business Model is people don’t know what they want. Even most well thought out mission statement are just full of empty buzz worlds not aligning us or our companies with out true Vision, Mission or Goals. Ultimately not knowing what we want, causes us to take what others want this is why Harvard Model negotiations take so long and collapse most of the time before the project even gets started. We are taught that this is okay and we are also taught that time is money…if you want to spend time playing businessman with few deals coming to market that is okay with me. 

What’s the solution?

Hitler 3

Observe the picture of all the faces in this picture of Hitler and the crew…

That express is what I call Harvard Swagger and it covers up creativity

and blocks our emotional intelligence of intuition… Most of our leader including you have a case of Harvard Swag or are trying to catch it….As I was sharing this as a guess speaker at San Diego State University and informed the students that this face is a stoke in 20 years…. 

Pause Pause Pause LET GO NOW BECAUSE Hitler will hate this 🙂

Hitler_upset is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.

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