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#StarbuckStartups The Social Network Experiment 1

1. Introduction
1.1 The Social Network Experiment
Okay, even though I hate doing this in a moment, I am going to tell you why I am
qualified to write this book. But first, I would love for you to go to the back of the book
with the sub-chapter titled the start and give it a read. I believe that you will get the
most out of this if you know where I am coming from.
Welcome back. I am what you’d call a good leader. I started to wake up in the last 5
years and really started to take this stuff seriously about 3 years ago. I’d love to tell you
that once I did this, things started to come together nicely. However, I am somewhat
ashamed of what I had to give up for this. I am 41 year old and my dad is 81. I have
similarities to the 4 generations that are currently working side by side in the corporate
culture for the first time in history. In the last 3 years I resisted being thrown into the
public eye because I feared losing my freedom. In recent months, my website has put
me in a position that I could have an incredible living with virtually being an unknown. In
doing this, would I be living up to my potential? I am not talking about my potential that
society has cast upon me, because I am clear of my true abundance.
I could also possibly be put in the position that I could be a great leader, but those
men and women usual get shot. One thing that being 4 generations in one body has
taught me, is that now is not the time to do it alone. We still need great leaders. Who is
a great leader? One in a million? One in a hundred million? I think one of the problems
in society is that if we are all trying to be a great leader, we may be holding 999,999
others down. Sometimes great leaders are so dynamic, that the people in their company
become passive to the point that it creates a slave master relationship. What I want to be, is a GOOD leader who helps inspire great things with other good leaders…When
they say leadership is lonely they are talking about great leaders because good leads
have peers. One of the shocking things that I have heard was that all of the US Presidents
over the years said their job was a lonely one. Wow, even with all those people around
you? Most of them are just trying to be great leaders, and most of the time it’s virtually
a crapshoot. I love my odds of being a good leader. The more good leaders we have
from all walks of life, the more great communities we will produce.
I consider the UBER Generation a Hybrid of my generation
Here is why scientifically:
• You have more freedom to question life collectively than any generation. If my
generation said we were depressed, we would get yelled at and my parents’
generation they would of got beaten. This is both a gift and a curse, because all of
our emotions, positive and negative, are awareness allowing yourself to do both can
help you to move mountains.
• You can do things that took me 40 hours to do in 5 minutes (sales, marketing,
research, etc, etc, etc)
• The world has drastically changed in the last 5 years. This was during your formative
years and although most of you don’t see it, you were also around a bunch of peers
that shared this growth, which is very important.
• Because of this, unlike most generations, you need guidance not direction. All you are missing collectively is one thing and that is more life experience.

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