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#StarbuckStartups THE POWER OF THE POOP by Jedi Steve 5

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Jedi Steve’s Raw

This is what I learned revisiting a conversation from my college days…most of our problems yours and mine are continually created because we don’t listen to our emotional intelligence. Listen to your body, mind and Spirit… We are human beings and human doing and don’t forget human poopings. I can remember times when I have seen adults ask their children if they needed to go to the bathroom before a long during and 5 minutes in the kids needs to go to the bathroom really bad and then here comes the logic which falls on death ears when you really got to go. I use to think this was a conspiracy of all the children of the world trying to lead all the adults to an early grave. Here is my theory generally speaking children only have to go to the bathroom when they have to go to the bathroom. There is no gray area because they are more instinctual and healthy because they are more in tune with bodies. is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.


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