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#StarbuckStartups The Positive Force of Peer Pressure can be what your Business Model is missing by Stephen T. Jones 0

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Status Quo

Like any skill I believe that peer pressure can be positive and negative… Society generally looks at peer pressure as a negative, which clouds the possibility of seeing it as a positive. If a High School student can talk another student into doing drugs they can also talk a student into avoiding drugs this actual happens more than you think. I remember when I was in High School and college dealing with Peer Pressure was rarely a problem “Do this, smoke this, try this or go here” NO, NO, NO, NO. It was when I got into the corporate world that it was harder to avoid peer pressure I was dealing with people that where 30 years older than me that were experts at peer pressure. I remember going to an event with a charity group and I told some of the members that I wasn’t drinking and I felt in incredibly guilty. Sometime we forget how much power people in positions of power have but any way I look at it they were teaching me something. So at an early age I decided to influence the status quo by looking at peer pressure also as a positive force. Why is this? Anytime you step out of the status quo, there is a stigma he is crazy, not a team player, a bad apple this is high school all over again. I have learned that it isn’t always good to fight the status quo because it causes tremendous conflict. On the other hand we need to be aware when the status quo is causing us to do stuff that we don’t feel comfortable doing. When I look back on my corporate career most of the time I went against my moral compass it ended badly.


Status Quo 5


How can we maintain our freedom and dance with the status quo?


  1. If we take the example of the members making me feel guilty for because you are doing something that you feel isn’t right. When I look back at it they didn’t make me feel guilty made myself feel guilty. They just wanted to connect with me and my guilt ruined that opportunity to network with some success people. If I would have been comfortable in my own skin I could of said No or I am just gonna have a coke and join the conversation.
  2. Don’t drink the company cool aide most companies spend 80% of the time talking about how good we are and that clouds our judgment. When we look at the world with rose-colored glasses we can’t see what is really going on. Once I got this I was able to see obstacles sooner and make the necessary changes instead of trying explain why they weren’t a problem.
  3. Develop a support system of peers that will help you create more positive examples in your life. Develop peers that let you be honest with who you are, how you feel and what you are thinking. The more that we spend time with these people we become more comfortable sharing our true selves with the rest of the world.

Thanks for sharing this time with me and I hope this valuable information has already impacting your business. 

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