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#StarbuckStartups Sustainable Community Solutions via Capitalism by Jedi Steve history doesn’t stutter it repeats itself 1

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Hitler 3
I meet lots of Students from Germany and none of them feel responsible for what Hitler did

…in fact they are less responsible than I am for what the KKK and ISIS is doing today.

But every time I use compassion to break past this thin layer I notice they feel guilty and

ashamed for allowing this asshole Hitler to exists. 

We need to wake up to the fact that history doesn’t stutter it repeats itself and pay attention to what is happening right now.

You are probably thinking Why is this matter? And what does this have to do with business?

Recently about 5 years ago I started realizing that World War 3 was being fought over social media by all over us which has evolved into




in the HISTORY of the WORLD…

Wizard of Oz

What does this mean? I think I said this best in the following piece from 

Corporate Social Media Handbook 

2.1 Evolution and Influence

Most of us say that we believe that “everything happens for a reason”. What most of us

really believe is that everything happens to everyone else for a reason. Based on the

current corporate model that most of us are operating on, we only want to draw from

positive experiences and all too often this blinds us from the full story. If we are able to

draw from positive and negative experiences from you, us and others we will be able

to make things happen a lot faster. Just acknowledge that all experiences happen for a

reason opens a vortex of options and opportunities for us to pick and choose from.

Here is one example of an idea I Compassionate Solution I created via Capitalism…

“In the wake of the national conversation regarding the use of seemingly unwarranted excessive, and in some cases, deadly force on the part of law enforcement, we have developed a product that not only embodies what 21st century policing is all about but will save lives and reduce costs. CLICK HERE!!!

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  1. Ai sei,ro±quÃen te has creido que eres para criticar una forma de gobierno ajena a ti.Pues nada, mañana en tu barrio montamos elecciones y tranquilo que no se presentara su santidad.

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