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#StarbuckStartups Play duh and Baby talk are the keys your Business Model is missing by Jedi Steve @Hasbro @HasbroNews 1

This morning  at the Corporate Office aka the Starbucks right near you playing with Play Duh as explained in this post (Click Here). This day was different because after observing a father taking to his three year old son I decided speak to myself in baby talk. For most of my life as long as I can remember I have always thought baby talk was unnecessary but in the moment I decided to engage it via self talk and I think you should give it a try. 

Play duh Playing Creating

Next time you or your team is working on a Million Dollar idea or you are reading your affirmation. As you go about you normal rituals I suggest you change only one thing as you are communicating talk in baby talk…I understand you think this is weird and that is because it is and if you stick with it for the moment the results will blow your mind. As we nurture this child like vulnerability our creativity can open parts of your mind were dead….YES DEAD!!!

Beautiful Babies Beautiful Babies 7

Just think when we are new to a relationship

we talk in baby talk

isn’t a new idea like a new relationship

and why do we have to stop the romance

of a idea as in move

from concept to business…

Oh Snap playing as you are creating dough...

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