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#StarbuckStartups Occupy Wall Street The Next Day #ULM #LizzyandME Bracelet Exchange Part 2 3

#StarbuckStartups Occupy Wall Street The Next Day

#ULM #LizzyandME is dedicated to ending sexual violence for Women, Children and Sexual Minorities…after launching the ULM Bracelet exchanged I learned that lots of the victims of sexual violence are disowned by their families and are unable to work. So we came up with the following 

#ULM #LizzyandMe is about taking our communities back and standing up for what is right in the world.  No longer will the people remain quiet; we will shout it from the rooftops and our highest peaks until our voices, their voices, are heard.

As the empowering words above say this movement is fueled by interdependent…interdependent is defined as mutually dependent; depending on each other.


Here is the Organic Plan using the Compassion Campaign Everything formula (CE+H+C)=CC



  • We will receive a check in the mail for $45.75 from gofundme from the donation from Ginny
  • We mail the money to Samson in Uganda
  • Samson will engage the ULM victims to do all the work to make as many bracelets as they can with this $50.00. This will empower them to be part of the solution so they can empower others.
  • Once  Sampson gets all these bracelets he will mail them to the #ULM #LizzyandMe Texas team.
  • Based on the cost of the bracelet the Texas team will create a price and sell the  bracelets.
  • Go back to Step 1 a lot wiser without over thinking… 



Interdependence at work Ginny is inspired because she donated money, Samson is inspired  because he is continuing to empower God’s wounded children, Texas team is inspired because they see God’s miracles with every bracelet they sell. And it doesn’t end there because everyone that buys a bracelets has a story to tell. is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.



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