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#StarbuckStartups Occupy Wall Street The Next Day – Yes, the Ink is Black and White, now what? by Greyhound and Jedi Steve #SDSUBringBackArt 0

#StarbuckStartups Occupy Wall Street The Next Day

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Hitler 2

Right now I was listening to the words this song by Greyhound preformed in an audience in Germany in 1971. This has compelled me to think how far will have some and how far we still need to go.

Right Listen to the lyrics

The ink is black,

the page is white Together we learn

to read and write To read and write A child

is black, a child is white The whole world looks upon

the sight A beautiful sight And now a child can understand

This is the law of all the land All the land The world is black, the world

is white It turns by day and then by night It turns by night.

It is awesome to know that for the most part we are reading and writing together yet society has thrown us a curve ball with the evolution of gender identity. Lots of people are waking up even me to what will this look like in the future. Lots of people from all sides are focused on the hate I believe more energy should be focused on the SOLUTION…

Hitler 3

There is a reason that Hitler hated modern art? Because modern art inspires just think how hard it would have been for the brothers in the band to go to Germany in 1971 and preach the words of this song even in a church let alone in a mainstream audience of young German youth.

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