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#StarbuckStartups Marketing Like a Viral Girl Scout troop by Jedi Steve 2

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Its that time of the year ago and the girl scouts are out full forces…and why most of us love the cookies we never stop to think how powerful the girl scout brand is. If you are like most businesses professionals you are probably thinking I can’t learn from them…and I say get off you high horse and realize the girls scouts brand is a 700 million dollar cookie empire as highlighted in this article from CLICK HERE.

Girl Scouts 1

Before you lose ask yourself, what do the boy scouts sell? and when is the last time you bought something from the Boy Scouts?

Now do I have your attention…

While I was working on a viral projects I mentioned this is

gonna spread like an STD (sexually transmitted disease) on a

college campus. One of the college students said how come

important things rarely spread like an STD?

Entitlement Free Zone

And after a little thought I replied because with most positive causes don’t spread like a virus because they don’t have that mind blowing thing that is worth taking the risk. With an STD at least you are getting sex. Lots of positive causes are drinking the corporate cool aid and are so hypnotized by our own Bull Shit and this entitlement keeps your idea from spreading like an STD. And now back to the girls scouts sorry I could think of a less creepy transition…

If you look at the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts principles they are both very similar…


And yet the boy scouts are always being attacked in the courtroom and the media…

Why is this? Follow my thought for a moment in a Jedi sort of way…While the Judge, Jury or Media is thinking about a lawsuit against the Girl Scouts they are aligning their thoughts with their taste buds. and why looking at these faces they just can’t bring themselves to attack the girl scouts of America. Okay what does this have to do with my business model?Girl Scouts 2

Every time I am working on a viral project I create a girl scout cookie…and here are some examples of girl scout cookies.

  • Night Clubs Thrive when they have hot attractive women…you can use all the marketing formulas you want but if you don’t create a safe, fun environment for attractive your brand will die.
  • Facebook got it big launch by using the Harvard E-mail creating an exclusive club or Girl Scout cookie around the Harvard Brand. Here is an example (CLICK HERE) of how I am doing it around the San Diego State University Campus by using their brand to build my brand and which upset lots of administration but no one ever complained because I was raising grant money. 
  • SDSU Night Club News liberation in syndication is media satire serving the San Diego State University Community and the world. We didn't get that my views but the buzz that we created about Kevin's frat would be very valuable to your brand. Click Here!!!  
  • I wrote a book called, “Little boy, Mr. Chimes and the Bendy Path” with afreshman named Sarah D’Amico at San Diego State University. This is a story about the

    little boy that lives inside of all of us yearning to live our dreams and follow the rules. Click Here!!! is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.



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