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#StarbuckStartups Jedi Steve is a Latter day Sinner 7

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I met these Mormon Missionaries in the San Diego State University area and we have little in common but I was amazed how wise they are. The first time I met them they

asked me for guidance even though we are on the same trail different

paths. Next time I saw them they asked me where the best places on

campus are to go and very few people ask me this and they pick up that

I know the culture of the campus more than anyone. Some people ask

me why I would help them and for me it is all about marketing and here

are 5 highlights. 

5) Me talking to Mormon Missionaries looks odd and helps my brand stand out even more which is good for me, my investors and readers.

Jedi Steve

4) The Challenge of Marketing something to bring skills to the next 4 or 5 levels for me, my clients and preferred Partners. I call this doing good in diabolic ways few people get this by but everyone that is involved loves the results. 

3) I think we may of met for a bigger reason

2) Although I don’t totally agree with them I think their heart is in the right place unlike lots of administration on campus. And I am at my best when I SELFLESSLY influence people from all ways of life reach students and administration in need.

1) I want to get one of those cool shirts and ties and if I am lucky a bike.

Mormon Missionaries

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