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#StarbuckStartups Hurray for Hollywood by Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve 0

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I use to complain about over priced movie tickets and I was left uninspired

to go to the movies. Until I started hanging out with some mentors and friends

that were big into movies. If I looked at it logically I would spend $10 to $15 to

just be entertained for two hours it appeared that I could just watch TV for free.

If you look at it as an organic experience and that is when the magic happens.

Think about it several years ago someone came up with an idea and they acted

on this idea. Then they put all their energy into manifesting their dreams of getting

this movie on the big screen. At one point when they were about to quit they caught

a break than all the pieces came together. Even at this point the challenges really start

to happen because they are exposed to the file losing the integrity of their artist freedom.

At all cost they push through again, again and again dealing with different personalities

to bring this art to the big screen. After years with dealing with contracts, agents, actors,

directors and unseen forces their dream finally is achieved. We can all learn from someone

like this and I bet you would like to interview them…

Hollywood 2 Hollywood movie theatre Hollywood

How valuable would that be to your business? What could you learn from this amazing journey? If you are like most people sitting down with them would be virtually impossible or you could just see the movie for 10-20 bucks. Next time that you go to a movie ask yourself, Why am I here? How can I stay present over the next two hours to learn everything I need to learn? And after the movie

ask yourself; did I learn what I needed to learn? is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.


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