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#STArbucKstartups How would Mark Twain use the social networks? 0

2.1 Mark Twain: How would Mark Twain use the social networks?
“Adopting the word experiment has really helped me to reduce the stress of the unknown of this massive worldwide web.” Stephen T. Jones

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When I was in 7th grade, I was promised that computers would put us in a position that
we wouldn’t need to work so much. What this meant to me is that our lives would be
simplified by technology and the way I see it this just isn’t the case. Just for the fact that
we are always connected a full time job that is really a FULL TIME JOB, without getting
paid for overtime.
Quit Smoking the Ivy League Crack
8 months ago, we were working on a project at a college campus and I kept asking
myself, “How would Mark Twain use YouTube?” The more and more I contemplated
this question, I began to see more and more that most of us have been taking the social
networks for granted. Twain is one of the most quoted figures in American History and
a true legend. Even though Mark Twain lived over a hundred years ago his quotes are
timeless intellectual banter, questioning the status quo. The reason I say that it is timeless,
is because most of his quotes can be applied to what is going on in today’s world. The
cool thing about this, is we are collectively making this happen in the world starting with
a few good leaders stepping up to create great movements. I could image it just like
when Tom Sawyer persuaded (engaged) others to paint the fence, Mark Twain would engage us to post his ideas on our Facebook wall.

He would use the social networks to influence society and use that as a platform for
social change and making the world a better place.
• He would still be very controversial and he wouldn’t be afraid of the repercussions
of his convictions. Because of blogs, we don’t need to be a lone voice in the world,
there is strength in numbers.
• He would have been able to reach more people during his life time and achieve
greater levels of influence.
• He wouldn’t use twitter, he would think it’s stupid (lol)
• He wouldn’t spend time on the social networks, he would have a team of 20
something’s that he would influence and let them find ways to spread his cause on
the net.
• He would do live events and broadcast them worldwide so people could feel part
of something bigger than all of us.
• He wouldn’t be wasting his valuable time preaching to people the etiquette of
Facebook, Twitter while forcing them to take in more rules and more beliefs.
Pretty funny, and when I first started asking these question lots of people said that he
wouldn’t be on the social networks. Is this true? Maybe or maybe not… I suggest that you could Google “Mark Twain” and find out for yourself. Now is a good time for you
to think about leaders of the past that you look up to and brainstorm, In your own way
have a little fun answering these questions, How would you favorite leader of the past
use the social networks? How would your favorite comic book character use the social
networks? How would your favorite celebrity use the social networks?

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