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#StarbuckStartups How owning Social Media is like owning a bank by Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve 0

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How owning Social Media is like owning a bank by Stephen T. Jones

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One day kind of like right now I was thinking about the similarities between Social Media and owning a bank. The more I thought about this I started to see how to leverage the  social media assets that I own.  This article says it best as it explains how banks make money it makes perfect sense that Banks are just like other businesses. Their product just happens to be money. How can your Business Model benefit from this? Organically a bank is a transfer of energy of withdrawals and deposits flowing in and out of the bank.

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Deposits are like the content that we are producing on your social media platforms. Who is your audience? What is your niche or service? What do you have to offer the world? How do you attract people to your vision? Is your business more product driven or service driven?

Withdraws are like traffic once we build up more and more deposits it is important to have a structure to keep score. As we define how we keep score money, leads, views and/or a following. What value are you giving to your audience? Are you uplifting them or are you keeping slaves to the same old shit? 


As we build more and more of a content bank we can leverage the flow of Deposits and Withdraws. In order to make your project more sustainable you need to get good at giving and receiving. Just like a bank gains confidence with a brand back up by a physical location, service and followed up the delivery of what they promise. Do you have all the right structures to deliver on what you promise?

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