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#StarbuckStartups How is Social Media like commercial real estate? by Jedi Steve 0

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How is Social Media like commercial real estate? by Stephen T. Jones

Several year ago Doug Manchester purchased the San Diego Union Tribune and it really got me thinking. Doug Manchester is a well-known developer and hotel owner in the San Diego area who has made his money with Real Estate. This got me thinking and asking, why would someone who has made their money in Commercial Real Estate buy a media outlet with an uncertain future? The more I thought about this I started to see how Social Media is the new commercial real estate and in this sub-chapter I wanted to touch on why this is and how important it is to own some social media assets.

Building 1 Building 2 Building 3 Building 4Vision, Concept and Foundation- Before a building is set forth vision or concept brought to life in the beginning stages via a blue print. The bigger your building the deeper your foundation…I can remember having raw conversations (video) with anybody who would listen to me about my vision for what ultimately became What is your vision or concept? Have you taking any steps to bring your vision to Reality?


Commercial Real Estate- Real Estate is about location, location, location and more and more business is going to the internet. In commercial real estate the owner of a property generally leases space to other businesses based on traffic and location. Who is your audience? Are you more structured or organic? Are you more local or global? How do you measure success? Are you and your team worthy and committed to what you are creating? Are you or your team congruent with what you are creating? What would now be a good time to take you building to the next level?

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