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This morning at Corporate Office aka the Starbucks

right near you this two year old came in with a interest haircut.

kim jung un

I smile and said to myself he looks like a future Evil Dictator. Funny thing a couple moment later he started scolding his parents like he was an Dictator.

Terrible Twos Terrible Twos 6 Terrible Twos 5 Terrible Twos 4 Terrible Twos 3 Terrible Twos 2

This is got me thinking and feeling that maybe when we are going through our terrible two’s it is like an Evil Dictator phase. Although this phase is necessary maybe just maybe Evil Dictators never escape this phrase. Maybe Ivan The Terrible and his friends never made it past the evil Dictator phase. Are you or your business model a little power hungry?  

Evil Dictator 2 Evil Dictator 3

'He has his father's eyes!'
‘He has his father’s eyes!’
'Dang, it looks like they have found out about my plan to take over the world...'
‘Dang, it looks like they have found out about my plan to take over the world…’

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