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#StarbuckStartups Having FUN, Being Conscious and Making Money by Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve 0

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For me life is all about Having Fun, Making Money and Being Conscious not in any particular order. I believe this is a good formula for living a harmonious life but sometimes it is hard to monitor this. I think what gets in the way is being so focused on a to do list even though that is a big part of it. For me to make sure that I am staying on track I create a To do, To BE and To have list and I wanted to share this strategy with you.


First, I wanted to Start with a TO DO this is a very important part and usually this is the primary focus that doesn’t necessary inspire you but it is how we are able to keep score. My suggestion is just put down the outcome not all the individual steps this takes a lot more energy. Good Example: Run an outstanding presentation for the San Diego Downtown Lion’s Association… Good Example: Instead of in order to run an outstanding presentation for the San Diego Downtown Lion’s Association I need to a) make sure I dress for success b) Make sure that I get there on time c) Make sure the powerpoint software is working an hour in advance d) have a 5 minute chat with Debra that will be introducing me e) practice me presentation in the mirror in the morning f) don’t drink cold water 45 minutes before my presentation.


Second we have To BE, it is good to make a connection between what we are doing on a weekly, monthly and daily basis to what we are becoming. This keeps us or minimizes burn out and really continues to connect us with our true purpose. What motivates and inspires you goes on this list…milestones to connect you with your short and long-term goals and dreams.


Third we have To HAVE, lets face it we all like stuff although being motivated by only can be the formula for an unbalanced life. For lots of use we feel unworthy of certain things that are very healthy it is okay when you do certain things to reward yourself, your family or your team for a job well done. Having does always have to do with stuff it can be vacations, entertainment, days off and shopping sprees. Focusing mainly on this can be distructive but it works well in tandem with the other two areas.

Leave room for CREAM

cream 2 CREAM 3 Cream

Once you get a hang of this it is important to leave room for C.R.E.A.M. to keep life fresh and rewarding.


Creating, if we observe children we can see that they are always happy when they are creating and testing their imagination. We ever we are in life it is verying freeing to acknowledge the child that lives inside of all of us. What can you do today to feed that child inside of you?, trust me you are worth it.


Relationships, never get too busy to spend times with the people you love while getting them involved in what you are doing. Don’t be afraid to tell your children if daddy does good at work than we can go on a vacation. This will not take away from their innocents but it can help them remind you of what is really important in life.


Evolution, doesn’t have to be from generation to generation be okay with changing beliefs, patterns and projects that no longer serve you. What is something that is keeping you from evolving right now? When would right now be a good time to let go of that obstacle?


Adventure, most of us have an fear of the unknown and it is important that we acknowledge this it is all part of being human. Allowing yourself to feel scare every once in a while will give you a new lease on life and keep you from getting stuck. Remember it is okay to feel scared but don’t let it keep you from what you want To Do, To BE and To HAVE.


Memories, we have all heard the saying when we are on our death bed the only thing that is important is the moments feel free to enjoy them now and multiple them in your body, mind and soul. is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.



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