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#StarbuckStartups Gaining Business profit by feeding your souls calling by Stephen T. Jones 0

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What separates us from animals is our ability to have a choice between stimulus and response. Even though we are thinking creatures most the animals in the animal kingdom have more freedom than we do. What is common between them and us is the need for rituals and rules that have evolved over the years for survival. Lots of us including me until recently think it is are rituals and rules that enslave us…than how come animals with less choices are freer? I believe it is there animal magnetism that protects them and helps them connect with everything they want and need.

What is animal magnetism?

In its simplest form, the better a person feels about himself, the better people feel around him, which creates a “magnetic” presence. It is not yet established whether this is due to body language, voice tone and language or whether there is a level of communication that goes beyond body language through a magnetic “fluid”. Wikipedia

Benefiting from connecting to our animal magnetism

I remember one of my friends in college telling me that human being don’t have any instinct and although I thought he was wrong, I really couldn’t argue against that point. Now I am more clear that we have the capability but we are just not clear of who, what, when, where, why and how to use it.    


When we get more connecting with our animal instincts we strengthen our intuition which increases our ability to manifest. Once we start to do this more we notice that we are doing it way more than we think and surely not enough. We tap into our animal magnetism when we dancing, singing, playing sports, having sex, working out and playing with our imagination. Here is the catch as adults we have rules for a right way to do all these things that cause us to judge ourselves and others which blocks our animal magnetism. These is nothing wrong with judgment but in order for you to use animal magnetism to connect with what is important to your body, mind and spirit you must do these things occasionally in an unstructured wild environment. Here are some basic ways that you can do them;


Dancing alone or at a club limit thoughts about how to dance just do it and let your body flow. Although we all make fun of these people on the dance floor it always seems that they are having the most fun.

Play with Children as a child- Just let your imagination run wild and let the children guide you into a world that will heal your soul. Trust me you will do things that will trigger your boundaries don’t judge yourself you will let go in due time. I remember when I was 35 doing cartwheels with some kids for the first time I felt so alive. When I was growing up I could never do a cartwheel so finally doing them at age 35 really felt good. I remember the kids saying that I did a cartwheel good for an adult and how that brought a smile to my face.

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Go for a nature walk in and wander around connecting with all the element. I love to go for a walk and connect with the birds and water which helps me connect with the ebb and flow of life.

nature walk 3 nature walk 4 nature walk 5 is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.



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