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#StarbuckStartups Confronting small or large fears can open doors (1 of 2) by Jedi Steve 1

I am Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve. I am a Visionary, Inspirational Speaker, and founder of Read More Click Here!!!

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein

This morning I had a meeting with a beautiful angel named Jessica who is a trained dancer.

Angel Jessica

During the conversations she talked about Dreams and Fears

and fears standing in the way of fears and I am sure that after

reading this sub-chapter some of you can relate. After I parted

ways with Angel Jessica I noticed that I had been struggling with

the irrational fear to do a summer salt in the SDSU college library 

and decided to share this fear with Jessica to force me to confront

this fear because peer pressure can also be a positive force for good.

Where do fears come from?

Fear 2

Like some of you I have heard that we are born with only two fears – of falling and of loud noises. These two fears are incorporated in the human DNA and have become a mechanism for survival which is passed to new generations.

This mean that all our other fears we create or they are given to us?

Who knows?

What I do know is that 

Every time we confront a fear it gets us one step closer to the ever evolving formula of how we define own personal freedom.

How do you define freedom? 

Fear 3


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