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Step 1 This is Jedi Steve the other day I went to buy a kettle bell and to my surprise one cost $45.00 and about $38 to ship.

Step 2 So I thought of an idea I sent my 3D printer client a text and he we came up with an idea to print the shell and fill them with sand for a beach workout. and I came up with the idea to fill with water and workout in the shower.

Step 3 I went to and paid this guy to create the product while I am doing what ever I want.  


Wow from scratch without meetings, lawyers or wasting anytime we created a prototype and ordered and shipped a kits of 15 kettle for less than the price of one kettle bell shipped.  And how much do you think we could sell those for?



Way Way Cheaper to Purchase, Ship and Transport. #Withinnovation#JediSteve

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