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#StarbuckStartups Being Creative by Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve 1
Being Creative by Stephen T. Jones

About a year ago I saw a lady on TV that said that engineers are the most creative thinkers. At the time I thought she was totally wrong and since then I understand her point a lot more. When it comes to creating product, service or business structure it is important to start with some outside of the box thinking than transition into something concrete as it evolves. I believe in order to really create something special both inside and outside creativity need to harmonize. Here are steps that I use that you can adapt and make them your own.

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Step 1- First I like to use outside the box thinking and creativity coming up with a concept and testing it in my mind before I have all the different parts. In this step you really start to tap into your imagination everything doesn’t have to be perfect at the beginning let the ideas flow unedited. When using your imagination it is important to not totally firm up the Who? What? When? Where? and Why? This gives us the freedom to let go of options that don’t even make sense all throughout the process.  If you have done step 1 correctly you have anticipated almost all the pros and cons and the steps to minimize challenges.

Out side of the cude outside of the cube

Step 2- Second I like to map out the idea on paper so I can ground the idea for an easier transition into inside of the box thinking. Just the basics…How many steps? Who or what is involved? Does it make sense on paper? Is it worth going any further? Could this adapt into something more powerful? Do we have the capability to make this happen?  Once you answer these questions you will know how or if you should go onto step 3.

Here is an example 

Step 3- In the 3rd Get your team together to let them start to build this concept from dream to reality it is important that you let them piece it together how they see fit because ultimately they will be building it. How much does it cost? Will it work?  I always leave room for flexibility so that my engineering team can take ownership and feel part of the entire process. This is important to have the people that will be managing it or building it take to take ownership in the creation process.

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Give it a try whenever I start with an idea I like to start really open and this helps me see if I want to move forward or not. It also allows me to really see the potential of this product, service or business model. Make sure when you are pitching to anyone especially engineers that you limit all the emotions that you went through in steps one and two they will be curious but ultimately this will waste time. I have also made the mistake countless times of letting the people know everything single thought that got me to this point even the stuff that made the cutting room floor. Now I limit the fully story with inside the box thinkers not to hide anything it just keeps the process a lot more focused and productive.


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Creating something powerful can be fun and productive!!!Creating something powerful can be fun and productive!!!

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