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#StarbuckStartups Be yourself don’t act like yourself by Jedi Steve 0

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The worst part about trying to be a superhero is the landing you can fake everything else.

The worst part about trying to be a superhero is the landing because you can fake everything else.

When I was 25 years old I was hired to do my first public speaking gig on a panel about being your own boss. There were about 25 people in the audience and one of the people like me so much they felt I would be good for another event. With out question I committed two months in advance because I loved speaking in front of audiences and sharing my gifts. As it came closer to the event I received the flier showing all the other panelist and I knew my success palled in comparison to the other panelist and it just didn’t think that I earned the right. Because I knew that doing this would impact my business I discussed it with Don the guy the office that I did my financial planning. I let him know how I was young in my career and I didn’t feel that I was as accomplish as the others on the panel and I didn’t think I had earned the right to share the stage with them. After sharing this information with Don he said something that really made sense “Steve there are many levels of success and people need to see all of them and you know what most of the people in the audience would probably associate with you better. Okay what ever I was thinking before when out the window I was motivated to share my story.

Status Quo 4

The day of the event I had on my best suit and I believe that there was nothing that could stop me I had prepared for everything. When I get there I was in shock it was a packed house 3 panelist and 2500 businessmen and women in the audience all ready to learn about success. Each of the panelists had 5 minutes to present to share our stories and when it was my turn I was so full of nerves that even though I did a solid presentation I disconnected from the audience because I was over compensating making the audience think that I knew it all. Although people enjoyed my speech I didn’t get any clients because my presentation didn’t fit my business brand at the time. I came across like I was manager $10 million dollar portfolios when I was mainly doing $30.00 a month accounts. I am not sure if there were any 10 million dollar accounts in the room but I am sure 95% of the people in the crowd could have benefited from what I had to offer.


The fatal mistake


When I look back at this I didn’t give the audience what I they wanted I gave them what I thought they wanted. I did my speech in a way that embodied a success that all the people could look up to and looking back on this what the audience really wanted was to connect with success right now. This was the message that Don, was trying to communicate to me and I missed it during the presentation for years after. There are lots of people that say fake it to you make it which is an okay strategy and it works fairly well. Here is the down fall for that strategy if you do make it you will spend years trying to unFAKEit. If you are starting out or are nearing retirement the world needs more transparent leaders that rarely talk about transparency they just embody it. info16 Smart Goal Setting is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.



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