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#StarbuckStartups Am I worthy of BEAUTY? by Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve 1

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Until 5 years ago I never found NO REASON to feel beautiful, because it always felt way too feminine to me. Most of my life I thought I was decent looking but I never had the need or want to feel beautiful. Now I believe BEAUTY is the easiest way to manifest in business and in life.Beauty all over the world 8


Can it be that easy?

In order to explain I need to let you know what was blocking me from bring’n my vision to life. I didn’t feel worthy of what I’ve been trying to create. Do you see how this could stand in the way?  There was something deep inside of me that was keeping my life’s purpose from coming to the surface.  Like the saying goes the truth will set you free and now my focus is to bring more beauty into my life.

Beauty all over the world 9 Beauty all over the world 6

How can we bring more beauty into our lives? For me I like to go to the park, the beach, smile, and listening my Body, Mind and Soul as i connect with who I am? Since I have done this I have noticed that I have able to attract more and more of the right people and organizations to make things happen.This feeling has also allowed me to dig deep and traveling even further outside of my comfort zone to attract what I want and desire in my life.


What do you want and desire? Do you feel worthy of these wants and desires? What are you willing to let go of to attract more beauty into your life?

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  1. I don't like this at all. My Google apps (bsssneiu) account can't be open at the same time as my Gmail (personal) accounts. Random log outs from both accounts are a pain in the butt. I hope in the future the two of these can be separate.

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