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#StarbuckStartups 2.3 Understanding the me generation by Jedi Steve 0

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2.3 Understanding the me generation

There are 2 ways that a viral campaign starts by giving up control or having a shit load of

dough.” Stephen T. Jones


No matter what your business is, understanding the me generation should be a big part

of your social media focus. I believe this so much, that 80% of my focus is on college

campuses along with 20% Corporations. Over my career I have spent lots of time with

the me generations, and 15 years later I am really starting to understand their impact

on society. What started out as a perceived selfish generation has now turned into a

generation that has really changed the world we live in on a large global scale. Over the

rest of this sub-chapter, I am gonna give you some insights to see how valuable you are

in the marketplace and the importance of you seeing and receiving this value in some



First of all, I like to call you the “WHY?” generation because from an early age, unlike

any other generation in history, you were allowed to question the status quo. As

we know, this can be a blessing and a curse, but the more real life experience that

you have, you will create a bigger impact for the world. Why is this important?

Because you have countless peers worldwide that are highly connected with viral

technologies that are able to naturally think globally.

• You probably can’t see it but most of you are all looking to be part of something

bigger than ourselves. And once you find this individually, and as a generation, hello

new world.

• Unlike any other generation, you do not need strict direction, especially with social

media, you need guidance. Here is how I work with you; I tell you my vision and

what I want and let you develop and manage the how-to. You are able to do an

action in 5 minutes that took my generation 40 hours. If corporations 40, 50 and up

year olds keep on forcing you to do it the way we did they will soon be working for

you. I don’t believe this is the answer, but it is a good start.

• More than any other generation, you respond to incentives… You can do so much

for Starbucks, Best Buy and ITunes cards. Once you start to change that incentive,

you will be trading that incentive for a six-figure income right out of college. Now

do I have your attention? I learned this in the last 3 years; if I didn’t value my gifts first

and foremost, very few other people would.

Take some time in your own way to ask yourself, Could I do a better viral marketing

campaign than a xyz company? How would I make it better? What type of companies

would I like to promote? What should I do today to build me resume?

“I believe that the education system doesn’t need to be reformed it just needs to mirror

the real world.” Stephen T. Jones is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.



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