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#SDSUBringBackArt How would Jesus use Social Media for Social Change? I have no hands but yours 0

Jesus “I have no hands but yours.”

I remember when I was growing up hearing about a church that had a statue

of Jesus out front that one night vandals cut off the arms of Jesus. This act would make most Christain’s

mad and the wise priest in his infinite wisdom put a new sign on the statue that said “I have no hands but yours.”

This is a powerful concept  and for me this is not about religion it is about being more allowing and

engaging to solve collective problems as a community. You and I alone are only one person and we have

only so much time and effort and could benefit more from the efforts of others. Lots of us our wasting time

shepherding our flocks and could benefit from more Macro Management. Macro Managing has help me be

more efficient challenging me to stay in my role so I can attract all the right people who can manage themselves

for a larger vision. Most of us have a yearning to be part of something bigger than ourselves and I challenge you to

find out what that is and take the necessary steps from there to here. In your own way take time to engage the

following questions and see where they fit in the current social media actions of you and your community. In your own way ask yourself…

1.    What type of stuff do you like to promote online?

2.    What compels you to promote someone or something?

3.    How many comments do you think you make online a day?

4.    How many comments do you feel your friends make?

5.    What percentage do you feel are promoting the good you want to see in the world?

6.    What impact do you think and feel it would make in the world if all your friend’s content was 10% more positive?

I believe that if Jesus were alive today he would say in a transformative way “I will make you bloggers of men and women.”

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