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San Diego State University : Collective Children’s Book 0

I recently I wrote a book called, “Little boy, Mr. Chimes and the Bendy Path” with a

freshman named Sarah D’Amico at San Diego State University. This is a story about the

little boy that lives inside of all of us yearning to live our dreams and follow the rules.

CLICK HERE to “Little boy, Mr. Chimes and the Bendy Path” Sarah D’Amico and Jedi Steve

After researching the campus and what was going on for 5 months, I wrote the book in 3

hard charging days that surprisingly took a lot out of me.

What does this have to do with social media?

For one, when I asking myself how would Mark Twain us he social media I started

coming up with ideas like this. I bet you are still not getting it. I posted the book on my

blog for free and posted this letter.


Hello SDSU Community and the world,

This book was inspired by the students of San Diego State University to let the children

of the world from 3 to 103 know what is happening on the campus of the Montezuma

Mesa. We wanted to personally thank Sarah D’Amico for helping co-author and co-
inspire this book to give a voice to the students as they find their place is this changing

world. This book was intentionally created with no illustrations so that the SDSU

community can continue and continue to bring this book to life in more and more ways.

Our vision is individuals, classes, departments, groups, fraternities, sororities and all

different campus organizations using this book to create unique versions. Just imagine

the entire campus community to bring this story life with unique illustrations, music,

art, iPhone applications, T-shirts, ring tones and performances. This is all part of an

experiment that anything and everything is possible.

Much Love,

Stephen T. Jones aka Jones-z

Visionary and Inspirational Speaker

Here is me reading my book to some kids

The Story Behind The Story

Then at the end of the book, I put The Start, just like this one, and I posted video’s on

how I can help them leverage this to raise money, write papers and create lots of stuff

in the letter. I did this without even asking anyone for permission, because that is how

a C Student thinks and than I started to meeting faculty that didn’t give me the time of

day wanted to help me. Why am I telling you this? It takes a lot of money or power to

get into a college campus. I am created a formula to do that. You don’t need to know

because you are already there and it is the best time to make a lot of this happen before

you sell out. In my definition, it is selling out your dreams primarily, for the dreams of

someone else. For me personally, I tried to be great and I wanted it so bad, that 10 years

of my career I lost myself and caused a lot of conflict. I am not complaining, because

that conflict was a gift because that scripted experience has given me the freedom to

understand the scripted and unscripted ways. The reason why I am telling you this is

because if you follow the rules to the point you lose yourself, and you will not be able

to tell right from wrong. Then, all it takes is one bad boss, one bad business partner, one

bad deal or one bad company and you could lose everything. Now that is some heavy

shit. Now back to the children’s book… While Sarah and I were writing the book, she

came up with the idea of the bendy path that is a lot better for a children’s book. Tell

you the truth, I actually like it better, and it is less complicated than scripted (rules) and

unscripted (dreams) or I guess it depends on who I am talking to.

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