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About a couple years ago I met a dude named Patrick who was a Grad student studying Organic Chemistry. At the time I didn’t know what Organic Chemistry was so I engaged him to learn a little about what it was and he is what I learned. In Organic Chemistry first they go out into nature to find Organic Minerals that cure disease. Next they take these limited resources back to their lab to study the components and how to synthetically replicate them. Once he explained this it was much easier to explain what my team does to create and launch a High Touch Social Media campaign. Below is an example of this Organic Formula at work in a story that we have all heard about.


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Corporate Social Media Handbook by Stephen T. Jones


4.1 Facebook Better Than A Sex Tape


“The two most engaging powers of an author are to make new things familiar, familiar things new.” William Makepeace Thackeray


Let’s face it, most of us will never become famous from a sex tape but all of us could benefit from The Facebook Story. Recently I just saw the movie THE SOCIAL NETWORK and it really got me thinking; no matter how you feel about the players, it is a great blueprint for launching a cutting edge Social Media Campaign. In order to do this we need to embrace


Chaos, Order and Organized Chaos.








First, we have the FIRE and AMBITION of ORDER Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook. He is a good leader, with a good idea with Harvard University roots which is the Mecca of status quo and order which we talked about earlier. Okay right now I want to address that although he’s a good leader with good ideas, the fact that he is not totally polished gives us and the people that work with him room to be

creative in this social medium. He is not afraid of risk and he does not try to do too much. One of the things that I always said is that Facebook is a hunk of software in the middle of nowhere and we are the content. Having a good leader leaves room for great employees some leaders are so dynamic their employees just feel that they can just sit back and watch them work, which will kill a viral campaign immediately.


Second, we have the WIND of CHAOS, one the best things that ever happened to Facebook. Even though it appeared to be destructive at times, this was the addition of Sean Parker. Parker was the Napster founder who is able to dance with the winds of change. With his strong track record and Attention Deficient Disorder, he balanced his

mind with his own ambition and drive which proved to be a great formula. Okay, lots of us corporate types have probably lost interest because we don’t understand good chaos and the thought of the word makes you want to call your attorney. This is an example of good chaos throwing a creative all nighter. Rent a house for your employees for the night and start with an unstructured idea and let them collectively build it from scratch. This will help with team building, in addition to helping them set a standard

that everything doesn’t need to take 6 month to 1 year to happen. In addition to this, you will create a buzz all throughout the process as this continues to become more and more structured that can reap benefits for a life time. As you will see in my Organic Case Studies on, I come up with ideas and start pitching them when I am unaware of the next step. What I do is extreme, but it is part of my customized brand strategy to engage people and I am starting to get

really good at it. When we are leading something and we don’t even know where it is going it leaves lots of room for viral growth.


Third, we have the WATER of ORGANIZED CHAOS. How can all those great minds and even greater egos operate in on the same Facebook software? Let’s go a recap of what we have learned so far, it has to do with the understanding of collective solutions and getting to the right solution with everyone doing their part. I think of it like this; if someone is drowning, they are panicking so much that they drown a skilled swimmer that is trying to save them. They are taking being right to a new level by making the other person believe that drowning is the only option. Here is a better solution; I think of it like dropping a pen in water it doesn’t fight it, it dances with the water and as in sinks to the bottom. Don’t worry your company is not the pen, it is the splash.
Take some time in your own way to ask yourself, what earlier sub-chapters in this book are really starting to make sense? How will this work specifically in my company? How can I leverage the Facebook story in my business in the near future?

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