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Open Letter to Wholefoods La Jolla ‪#‎OperationBoycottDriscolls #BloodBerries 0

April 17, 2016


To whom it may concern,


Local consumers have noticed that you carry Driscoll’s berries in our local store. On behalf of our community, consumers, activist, teachers, and union labors, we ask that you pull the Driscoll’s label from your shelves, endorse the boycott that Agricultural Workers have called on Driscoll’s label and Sakura berry products; doing so in good faith you will respect the agricultural workers who pick those berries. March, 17th 2015, 70,000 agricultural workers went on strike, which caused Baja California to paralyze the peninsula. This March, 17th will be the one year commemoration of the strike in Baja California and continues to be in a labor dispute about wages. The employers have not sat down to negotiate a Collective bargain agreement with either bargaining agents. Driscoll’s is known for marketing high quality healthy and fresh berries, but these berries come at the expense of worker’s rights, cheap labor and modern slave conditions. We are asking that you pull the Driscoll’s berries from your shelves and endorse the boycott until Driscoll’s negotiates a collective bargaining agreement with both National Democratic Independent Agricultural Union and FamiliasUnidas por la Justicia. 

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We hope you will do the right thing and respect the boycott. We are not boycotting the store, but the berries. Local boycott committees including this one will be holding ongoing consumer informational picket lines if the Driscoll berries continue to be displayed on the shelves. 


Thank you in advance for respecting farm workers,


San Diego Chula Vista Boycott Committee

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