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Hirshman Student Protest Dialogue 4/27/16


Osama Alkhawaja: “As you know we’re some of the students on that flyer”

Elliot Hirshman: “So I think the question is… come to the office, make an appointment, and we sit down and you meet with us and we try to organize the calendar in a way where we can make the most progress in moving the university forward. And so if you want to make an appointment to have three people come I’d be glad to do that and we’re always glad to do that. What we’re not willing to do is to have a group of people who are really coming to the office just to get themselves on television cameras…”

Osama Alkhawaja: “And I understand that. Yesterday me and my brother – you can probably see it on the cameras – we went to your office and we said we requested to meet with you, what did they do? They gave us Randy Timm’s email and he emailed me and he said I-I heard you were ___ – so why couldn’t you email me? Why couldn’t you say I saw your flyer.. – and this is what I told everybody there –  before you ran away, please, I said as your student, I would expect for you to defend me when I’m under attack because when I succeed you’d be proud of me right? You’re our administrator right? So why is it then when we’re under attack it is so difficult for you to literally say my students are not terrorists.”

Elliot Hirshman: “I appreciate your little speech about that all I’m suggesting to you is that if a group of people want to make an appointment – you ask why did we refer you to Randy Timm – I’m explaining that the university is a big place and often individuals like Tom McCarrey (?), Eric Rivera are handling issues and so we refer people to them- I would certainly have this meeting ask Eric Rivera to join me so we can understand what’s available to answer your questions and to try to proceed”

Hassan Abdinur: “President Hirshman with all due respect we are all past that. This is not just one incident, there have been multiple incidents Mr. president, um – and to tell us right now that we have to go and go to your office and set up a meeting that’s-”

Elliot Hirshman: “Look – there are all the options in the world, we are all adults, …”
Hassan Abdinur: “Then why don’t you condemn students being called terrorists?”
Elliot Hirshman: “If you want to have a meeting-”
Hassan Abdinur: “We’ve attempted to do that-“

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