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#SDSUBringBackArt How to get banned at SDSU Starbucks by Jedi Steve #StarbuckStartups 0

Wow. 2 whole minutes and not a bit of information as to what this is about, what happened, anything specific, or any useful information at all.

I watched the whole thing and learned nothing.

What is this guy upset about? What is the “dirt”? What is he protesting against? Why is this important? Why should people care about this? What is Starbucks Startups? Why is it important? What does it do? Is it a business? Is it a charity? What is SDSU? (I figured it out, but it’s better to state this for those who are not familiar with it.) What is the “good work” this person did? Why does it matter that somebody gave this guy an apron?

This is the information I didn’t get from this video.

Here is the information I did get from the video:

  • There’s a dude.
  • He’s in front of a Starbucks (maybe).
  • He has business cards for something called Starbucks Startups.
  • Starbucks or SDSU said they told him he couldn’t go back in somewhere, or something. He says that didn’t happen.
  • This person talked to a police officer at some point. About standing on a mat, or where you can stand on a mat.
  • This person has “dirt” on someone or something, about something, somewhere.
  • This person is protesting against capitalism. Maybe.
  • He has an apron that a college president gave him for “good works”.

Remake the video. Focus. Decide what your message is, clarify it, and state it clearly. This should take less than 2 minutes in most cases. If you are unsure just tell what happened in chronological order: this event happened, I am outraged about this event because of X, in response I created this organization that does X, this is important because of X, here is how to contact and support us. Best of luck. Event Cards

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