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15 MOMENTS of FAME by Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve 0

All my life I have heard people say that we only get 15 minutes of fame and this has lead me to ask do we really only have minutes of fame? I think some even better questions are how would we spend it?  Who would we spend it with? What would we want the world to know about us? Before you answer these questions I think it is important to make a choice to live for a cause or die for a cause or a blend of both.

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LIVE for a CAUSE (15 Moments of fame)

Life goes way too fast, I can remember one of my mentors and friends telling me “life is not a dress rehearsal; you don’t get a second chance.” This quote has really stood with me for years because like most people I have resisted or been afraid of being famous.  We all have some big goals but are we willing to pay the price for being famous.

DIE for a CAUSE (15 Minute of fame)

One of the things that have been holding me back from being famous is loss of freedom. Recently I was looking at my resume from 10 years ago and it said public servant NOW when I hear that it doesn’t feel right. I now believe that I am OF SERVICE and I don’t feel I owe the world anything. Although this new belief didn’t feel good at first it has enabled me to do more good with less effort because the burden of a servant can be the biggest obstacle in the way of progress. info_8 Conflict Resolution

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