Come home to the lighthouse within

Part (3 of 4) Start of the Amazing Day


Art woke up upset,

What an unexpected start?


Not on target,

Not in tune,


Nothing Brewing.


Then Art poked his head up,

Whilst sitting up in his bed

He noticed his twin sisters

Both standing on their heads

And with a deep breath and Smile

Carol and Rose said “Happy Amazing Morning.”

As they Laughed and laughed and laughed

Smiling from ear to ear to ear to ear

Although Art didn’t join in the laughter

He was smiling deep inside,

Afraid of showing feeling

His feelings he did hide.


Although Art didn’t say this he was thinking it just the same,


It is early in the morning,

Is my one wish coming true?

I think I need more evidence

I think I need more clues.


Art asked the twins a questions just to see what was going on.


Hey Carol and Hey Rose, Is this day different then any other day?


Then Carol and Rose answered

In an Angelic Tone on Cue,


Last night we were thinking

As you shared your hearts desires


Life is like a Rose,

Growing from the dirt

Focus more on BEAUTY

Focus less on hurt.

Life is like a Carol,

Sung from way up high,

Dancing with the Truth,

That we can’t deny.

Thanks for the reminder,

As when we were born

Just another lesson

As we sound

Our trumpet horns.


In your own way on a separate piece of paper draw a picture of the twins expressing themselves.


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