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#StarbuckStartups We are waking up to the fact that the keys to the global shift lie in Hitlers Superior race by Jedi Steve 0

Recently I have been singing the words to Edelweiss from the sound of music and I was sure why…Today I happened to post it as the word of the day on facebook and my German friend Karolina informed me that Edelweiss was Hitlers Superior race. This intrigued me and made me think what am I missing what is the message…

As I listen to the song I imagine what is the message

I get that organically because a Edelweiss is a flower and the song is about that flower

blooming and spreading seed all over the meadow. In order for a flowers to grow we need

BS aka bullshit aka fertilize…There have been lots of bad leaders and most would agree

that Hitler takes the cake. One of the things that frustrates me although I have seen progress

is that nothing motives people to do good more than BS and Hitler is the ultimate BS. That is

why I am thankful to Hitler because his so called superior race many years later is waking up

a superior race and all inclusive superior race of people.

Are you feeling me? This superior race will wake up to catch things before they happen….without

being motivated by bad and being more inspired by Good examples. I understand we will always need bullshit but less is more.” Are you feeling me?

Join Karolina and I as we say “We dont need a lot of BS. At least we have had enough 🙂

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