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The Downfall of Social Media and Technology by Jedi Steve 2

Yesterday…I was walking and I came across 4 male college students stranded

in a car (Toyota Celica) that had just ran out of gas. They had been there awhile

and they were in danger because their car with them in it was in the middle of the

two lane road with cars zooming around the blind corner. While they were in potential danger all for of them were on their smart phone trying to find help…

Cracked Smart Phone


I told them “they should  get out car and push it”

They replied “it was too heavy.”


Although they we on a hill this seemed strange because Toyota Celica’s aren’t heavy cars.

So I informed them that with one driver the rest of us could push…

one steer and 4 push.

I crossed the street when the traffic cleared for a moment…

The 3 college students all athletes stepped out of the car and one stayed behind the wheel.

We went to the back of the car and started to push and 3 seconds later I said

“is the emergency break up.”

They had given up because the car was to heavy everything is to heavy when we have our emergency break up.

Is there a part of your life that you have your emergency break up? Is this keeping your from emerging? How is fear or embarrassment keeping your from living your dreams?


Why is this The Downfall of Social Media and Technology?

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