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#StarbuckStartups Wealth Program“Birth of the Jedi Funding Series “ #Starbucks by Jedi Steve 0

#StarbuckStartups Wealth Program“Series“ #Starbucks by Jedi Steve

#StarbuckStartups WEALTH Program is a mentorship uniting community leaders and #Starbucks Startups designed to inspire a compelling future via connections, skills and a variety of useful resources. Let’s Get Started CLICK HERE!!!

About 3 years ago I went to a random meeting with a discussion

on Angel Investors and Venture Capital. On the surface the event

was just like any other, except for one glaring difference.

What was different?

The Angel investor showed up a little drunk, which helped me to

crack the code on Angel Investors and Venture Capital types.

During the event the investor mentioned that in order for him to

invest, you would have to ‘go to the dark side’.

Even after being pressed by the audience, he still would not

divulge the meaning of the dark side.

What was he hiding? Or an even better question might be,

‘What exactly is the ‘dark side’?

Let’s look no further than The Star Wars movie franchise… Darth

Vader starts out as a man yet ultimately becomes an evil machine.

Over the last three years as I engaged this idea of the ‘dark side’

more and more, I found better solutions that were definitely NOT

from your average playbook.

I believe there is more than one way to do things and we don’t

always have to do things by the book.

This thought has provided me with endless inspiration, propelling

me on to ideas that are Bigger, Stronger and Faster with little or no


I’ve accomplished this not by fighting the dark side, but by

connecting with the ‘dark side’ to find the custom path of any

company, application or idea. is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.

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