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#StarbuckStartups Turning your facebook profile into your Corporate Home Office by Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve 0

I am Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve. I am a Visionary, Inspirational Speaker, and founder of Read More Click Here!!!

Recently I posted the following on facebook one night at 8:30pm

Since I am have been primarily barefoot I need to change my complete bio from “I run my company hands free with Dreadlocks and flip flops” to “I run my company hands free with Dreadlocks and <insert blank>.”

I started with a couple of my own to set the tone because if you don’t engage your own profile no one will.

“I run my company hands free with Dreadlocks and pop tarts.”

“I run my company hands free with Dreadlocks and Street Arts.”

“I run my company hands free with Dreadlocks and big farts.”

Over the day I got a couple here and there…

Then at 2:33 in the morning one of my friends facebook went crazy with  giving lots of ideas….

“I run my company hands free with Dreadlocks and ted talks.”

“I run my company hands free with Dreadlocks and kreplachs.”

“I run my company hands free with Dreadlocks and culture shocks.”

This got me thinking about my friend Bryan and how much he had helped me…

so I sent him an IM.

Then 5 days later I sent him this message

Hey, Today I went to lunch with my mom and I had kreplachs at DZ Akins…We have been going there for years and even mom has never heard of the kreplachs. When I ordered them I got a look from the waitress that I was entered a secret club or I was a Rabbi you know that look. I am not a big fan of carrots in soup so I put them to the side. Each bite was different and amazing until this one bit this one lone bite that that that…

“I run my company hands free with Dreadlocks and kreplachs.”

Thanks for your friendship…

And he responded with

Steve, this was delivered just when I needed to hear it. Thank you for taking the time to write me. I’m glad to call you a friend. As always, hit me up if you need anything. BTW, about to move to Seattle. I’ll no longer be with my company on the 12th.

“hit me up if you need anything.

Wow I usually don’t take advantage of stuff like this because most people don’t mean it or aren’t willing to follow through. I gave it little thought and I most say most of my thoughts were focused on connections he has.

Then 3 days later one morning I sent him this message on facebook…

Hey I am gonna take you up on your offer to “Hit me up if you need anything” I am aligned with an organization in Uganda called Universal Love Ministries that is dedicated to ending Sexual Violence for Women, Children and Sexual Minorities…If you have sometime let me know if you could help me locate any of these…LAPTOPS, VIDEO and STILL CAMERAS, PROJECTOR

*Universal Love Ministries is a Ugandan non profit, public benefit organization. Hence donations are not tax deductible for United States residents and ULM Love Ninjas all over the world.



Less than 2 hours later he responded with this…

“You are in luck. I have a video camera and a still camera I can ship to you at the end of this month. Maybe more, depending on a couple factors. I also know a repair shop in OC that sells repaired stuff cheap where the original owner either didn’t pay or abandoned the equipment I can check out if you have any kind of budget to buy. And I’ll share this need on FB (but to be honest most of my friends barely have two sticks to rub together, but you always get nothing if you ask for nothing,so I’ll ask!)

And then he posted this…

If you can help, please do- I’m taking donations of cameras (still or movie, any format) and projectors for an organization that helps end violence against women, children, and sexual minorities. I can arrange a drop off location in either San Diego or Orange County if you have stuff to donate. If you don’t have the charger or a battery or the AC adapter, that is FINE! I can figure that part out! All I ask is that it was working the last time you turned it on. Don’t live in OC or Dan Diego? I can arrange for a shipping label. Please message me if you can help. Thanks!

And in less then three hours we are well on our ways to get everything we asked for… is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.

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