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#StarbuckStartups This is why ISIS is winning by Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve 0

I am Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve. I am a Visionary, Inspirational Speaker, and founder of Read More Click Here!!!

I was just Cleaning my floor in the Kitchen and I was using towel using my feel instead of my hands. I think the old school thought would say this is lazy but I think this was a lot more efficient. I am not saying that the tradition way is wrong but why do they always think their is only one way to skin a cat? I remember I was lived with this women and she hated that I always found ways to make house work fun. You are probably saying why does this matter, Jedi Steve? Because we are have so many bulls shit rules that get in the way of actually make shit happen or we are to busy to let shit happen…


Why ISIS is winning? Or a better question what is the solution…

We need people that can find ways to live our dreams and follow the rules. I believe to avoid all this bad that is going on in the world we need to find new and different ways to do good. Now is the time to engage the artist that lives inside of all of use to create a better world. Who’s in?


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