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Right now I had a chance meeting with friend that is working on an Incredible Social Media Platform. Although I was getting a lot our of the conversation I was consulting him and helping him become more aware of his blinds spots which always makes me aware of mine. During the conversation we talked about Money, Community and some of our fears. Or more importantly our attachment to all three.

Money and FearMoney and Fear 3

I even shared some affirmations that I created and invited him to use them how ever he would like.

I hear and answer my call
I am aligning with my purpose
I ask my Angels, Ancestors & Others for help with humility
I am aligning with my desires and intentions
I am sharing my gifts with the world
I am harnessing the power of Divine Timing
I am aligning with purposeful projects
I am visualizing these project growing beyond all expectations
I am visualizing everyone’s individual roles aligning with a higher purpose
I am attracting vibrational matches for a Reason, a Season and a Lifetime
I am receiving money making gigs that feed my soul and make me smile
I am gaining spiritual traction in the fountain of the wilderness
I am smiling as the universe is rewarding me for being authentic
I am in love with the universe
I love sharing time with people and organizations that challenge me and make me smile
I grow in Love and Humility

Which path is the most Compassionate and Life Affirming?

When are conversation was coming to a close someone in the restaurant asked both of us “Do either of you have eight cents?”

I told him that I have a dollar and affirmed that I wanted my change back.

Moments later as my friend and I continued our conversation the other gentleman brought back my 92 cents….

And my friend that had already bought me coffee offered me a dollar for what appeared to be no reason at all…

And immediately I resisted it…

and I was quite clear until now.

My friend gave me the money to show appreciation for the help I was giving him. I love what I do and it is very rewarding when people receive but sometimes I have trouble receiving which is out of balance of my purpose and affirmations. Then it came to me

My Blind spot or fear was that community is using money to control me…which is a direct conflict with my highest value freedom…

Oh snap…

Money and Fear

RIGHT NOW…in your own way…

I would like to invite you to listen to this Bob Marley Song

and I request you imagine yourself as your own  Slave Driver.

And you just set yourself FREE…. is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.


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