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For sometime now I have been noticing that my house is dusty and I need to sweep you know how it is when you have wood floors. On the day I was on my way to buy the broom and the dust pan it came to me the valuable concept I want to share with you right now. 

Wood floors are like a lean business bigger better?
Wood floors are like a lean business model…is bigger better?

I believe that wood floors are like a lean business model and lean doesn’t mean small lean means efficient.  In my home I recently notice that most of the dust naturally flowed into a few areas without my effort. And after a few moments of contemplation the concept came to me that I am about to share with you.

Broom and Dust Pan

As the founder or leader of a Startup or Business the ideal business model is one that flows mostly without your effort. This is the difference between you owning a business and a business owning you?

Are you still following me? Taking this in to consideration I decided not to buy the broom not to save money but to gain profit. In stead of just sweeping once or twice a week I just spend 5 minutes a month picking up the dust with a wet towel. Looking past the sweeping, do you see how powerful this concept to your bottom line?

Most CEO and High Level Executive spend most their time with $10 an hour task…when they could spend time engaging sustainable solutions that run without their effort so they can co-create additional sustainable solutions…Can you feel this compounding?

Give it a try…most likely it won’t feel right and if that is the case you are doing it right. Learn to create from abundance instead of lack…  

In your own way ask yourself…Did I lose sight of my role? Am I focused on profit or lack? If I start co-creating sustainable solutions in this profit and incentive based economy what task will this free up? How can I spend more time doing task that feed my soul and illuminate my bottom line? is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.




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