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#StArbuckStartups “Starbucks is an Embassy and you are the Ambassador.” 0

“Starbucks is an Embassy and you are the Ambassador.” “Starbucks is an Embassy and you are the Ambassador.”

Here is my thought process and I hope you can follow along…Starbucks owns more land than most countries…With all the names for drinks and sizes is it too far of a stretch to say they have their own language? Land, Language and Culture as far as I am Concerned Starbucks is a country and you are the Ambassador.

I am willing to bet that if you were lost in another country anywhere in the world you would feel better at a “Starbucks than a US Embassy.”  I remember hearing Malcolm Gladwell in a radio interview talk about a research study coffee on how it helps build rapport and create a more positive association. Looking at the definition above do you think you have set yourself up to be the Ambassador of your local Starbucks?


Setting yourself up as a Starbucks Ambassador

    • Move with the Ambassador Confidence and Swagger…Be the self appointed guy to answer any questions for customers or employees. lots of  time the customers and the Starbucks employees are rushing and you are there to Organize the Chaos.

    • Sit in a location that you can see everybody and they can see you. Try to not talk too much to Starbucks employees on their break unless they are seeking you out.

    • Never complain or tell on the employee to get in good with the manager. All the employees will know what you did in a short time and they will yank your ambassador Status.

    • Whisper “I love you” to all the employees and customers for about 15 minutes a day…Whispering “I love you” to 100’s of college students every morning at Starbucks. It is crazy this is the best business idea I know it opened me up to an entire college campus not sure how to explain it you have to try it. is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.

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