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#StarbuckStartups “Running your business Model Like Santa” by Jedi Steve 1

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How can we learn from Santa?

Think about it Santa has the best distribution system to man…and I believe all businesses can learn from him…

Just think of it like all of our businesses models Santa started with an idea…

Ask yourself how does Santa get all those presents to all those people all over the world…

Think about the last time you and 5 friends tried to decided on a place to eat and how much energy that took…

Now think how much effort we consume for small everyday things 

What if Santa used his own effort for such a BIG GLOBAL TASK?

Now lets get to the nuts and bolts of how can we launch an idea using Santa’s

business model. In the recent past before social media Big Business was all about owning resources

and lots of employees. Lets take Uber drive app they have built a business model leveraging other peoples

resources and providing a serve that has shifted the transportation industry. I see lots of Startups still trying to build off of the big bulky old models and for me it is a little painful to see.

Lets surrender and stop trying to create and recreate a business models of the last 5,10 and 50 years…

Lets also avoid the business model’s of early internet all sizzle and no stake.

What is your idea? What’s your niche? What resources can you partner and plug into right now to launch an idea in a changing world?

In your own way, ask yourself how can my business model be more like Santa? Am I pushing to hard or am I pushing to soft? How can I create the right balance of making things happen and letting things happen?

How does Santa do it? Santa Cruz…

santa cruz is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.

  1. Das Gefühl kenn ich. Vor 14 Monaten bin ich von Berlin nach Dresden gezogen, des Jobs wegen. Ist nicht ganz so weit vonneiander weg, war und ist aber auch auf Zeit. Und von 52 Wochenenden habe ich mindestens 48 in Berlin verbracht. Aber es geht vorbei. Und Hamburg ist toll!

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