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#StarbucKStartups Ode to Humanity by Jedi Steve 0 “Starbucks is an Embassy and you are the Ambassador.”

Becoming a part of #StarbucKStartups Beauty Ambassador is as easy as 1 2 3…

  1. ENGAGE- Notice something Beautiful about a Someone at Starbucks and jot it down on a Starbucks napkin. It can be in the form of art, a poem or a complement without expecting anything in return.
  1. INVITE- In your own way  hand them the gift and say something like “you inspired this poem this morning.” And then go on with your day giving them the space to discover you gift on a Starbucks Napkin.

Ode to the feminine tumblr_m3g1inIr6K1qzmfypo1_500 Ode to the feminine Ode to the feminine-starbucks-napkins-beauty-embed

  1. EMPOWER- This will create mystery and give them the opportunity to look inside to think if what this stranger said was true. Right Now pause for 30 seconds as we all think about the beauty that lives in all of us.


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