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#StarbuckStartups Is your inner child bullet proof? by Jedi Steve 1

I am Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve. I am a Visionary, Inspirational Speaker, and founder of Read More Click Here!!!Is your inner child bullet proof
I saw this sign the other day…Is your Child Bully Proof? It is a martial arts studio for children but it made me think about my inner child. I believe in order to live a purposeful life we need to be a fully developed adult… What is a fully developed adult? I think and feel Blackie Guru the Starbucks Guru said it best…


Blackie Guru: Growing in

Blackie Guru: Growing in

Can you feel it? In your own way ask yourself…Am I am fully developed adult? How could I benefit from being a fully developed adult? How will this effect or affect the world around me? Did I just hear your inner child fart? is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.

  1. It’s delightful to see how well KC is doing. Kudos to Roberta and Dan for their dedication to saving this abandoned baby. (Feedings every 3 hours around the clock has got to be exhausting!) You’re an ins!irationp!

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