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#StarbuckStartups HUMBLE AND HUNGRY by Jedi Steve 4

I feel a charge inside of me

That everyone can see

I feel a charge inside of me

This light will soon be free.

child like

I run from life no more

Running to as I survive,

I tackle every problem

Yes, this is how I thrive.

Children Playing

I honor every moment

As I work to build my dream,

Feeling worthy of my big picture

As I build and build my team.


There is just one question,

Do I have what this dream takes?

Turning potential into reality

As I raise and raise the stakes.

I am very focused

Yes, I am in a groove

I speak with only actions

On the stage I will soon prove.

I feel a charge inside of me

That everyone can see

I feel a charge inside of me

That I will start to BE.

Child like 2

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