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#StarbuckStartups Harmonizing with your enemy by Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve 0

I am Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve. I am a Visionary, Inspirational Speaker, and founder of Read More Click Here!!!


This a powerful way to dance with enemies and attackers to have them help you grow your brand

When I was younger my brother Mike was allergic to bee’s and he use to get shots of Bee Venom.

Bee Venom is given as a shot, reducing the reaction to bee stings in people who are allergic.

Think of attackers as your Bee Venom to help you solve problems before they happen. I understand

this may sound crazy but not near as crazy and costly as trying to compromise with them. I think it

was George Bush that said “We never negotiate with terrorist or little kids.” Okay I added the little

kids to prove a point and from here on out I want you to think of attackers as children. Children that

started out with good ideals but they just don’t have the maturity to communicate the powerful message.

Or lots of us in business and as parents try to use push or use authority…

Which causes and creates what we didn’t want to create…

Trying to control or out think a little kid could and will drive you crazy.

Like me you will get to the point that you are thankful for them from afar for helping you see a problem,

blind spot or message.

Here is the solutions

To hear the trans-formative message your management team needs a Grood strategy and here it is.

1) First whenever they come into your awareness consciously or subconsciously ask yourself,

what is the question? (Take some time to feel the answer)

2) And then guide your actions by asking this question, which path is the most compassionate and life affirming response to the question?

And continue to do this again, again and again to you a SOLUTION OR A SERIES OF SOLUTIONS!!! Just 5 minutes a day or when ever it comes up… is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.

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