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#StarbuckStartups FPTraffic Review: Get Facebook Fans The Easy Way by Lazy Ass Stoner 0

Why FPTraffic kicks ass…

If you can’t be assed to watch the full FPTraffic review video above then here is a short summary of what this tool is capable of and why I’m loving it and recommending it to anyone that’s into (or looking to get into) Facebook marketing.

  • It allows you to schedule out HUNDREDS of incredibly viral and niche related images to go out from all of your pages in just a matter of minutes. This means that you can literally schedule out a month or twos worth of viral content to go out from your page in say 5-10 minutes… something that would previously take many hours.
  • It allows you to set those images to go out from your pages at the EXACT times that your fans are online the most ensuring that you get maximum benefit and virality from each and every post that this tool makes for you.
  • It comes with a ‘guides’ section where Luke has put together a treasure trove of information about how he builds up massive Facebook pages and then monetizes the hell out of his followers. And what I really love is that each of these guides shows you the ACTUAL pages he used, the ACTUAL programs he promoted and pretty much everything.

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